Portable Oxygen Concentrators to Improve Life for Seniors

Millions of people today are going through life suffering from breathing conditions. Many senior health issues are related to the inability to breathe properly on their own without the assistance of oxygen. Many lung diseases, like COPD which comprises more than one specific disorder are common in older adults. Oxygen is generally prescribed for these disorders, often times to be used as needed, but there are some people who are required to use oxygen on a full time basis:

Portable oxygen concentrators (or POCs) are a type of device used to deliver oxygen to persons who have breathing related conditions. Some people who have a lower than normal oxygen concentration in the blood will use this medical device to help replace the oxygen. 

1. POCs aid COPD

These machines can not be bought over the counter. They must be prescribed by a doctor after a thorough medical evaluation. The oxygen concentrators will filter the surrounding air, compress it to the right density, the deliver purified oxygen of medical quality to deliver it to a delivery system in pulse doses, or a continuous stream to patients. This greatly enhances the quality of life for the senior adult with COPD, or other breathing disorders. These concentrators come in portable units that are easy to move around with.

2. Portability

Life is made easier for older adults who have breathing difficulties with the oxygen concentrator. It is not big and bulky, but portable enough to be carried with little effort. The machines are equipped with sieve beds and filters that helps remove nitrogen from the air allowing patients to receive purified oxygen. They also have an electronic user interface that allows patients to adjust their oxygen concentration levels and the delivery setting. The oxygen is then inhaled through the special mask, or the nasal cannula.

3. Allows for independence

Senior independence is achieved when the person with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or other breathing problems, has the assistance of the oxygen concentrator. They can rely on their own abilities to do certain tasks throughout the day. They can even drive a vehicle, go out with family and friends, and not need help with the old fashioned oxygen tanks of decades ago. Because the concentrator makes its own supply of oxygen, there is no worry about running out. This innovative invention has changed the health of seniors with breathing issues drastically.

4. For short or long-term use

If a family member or other loved one has health issues related to breathing, considering an oxygen concentrator would be very beneficial for the health of your senior loved one. Give them back their independence by allowing them to breathe purified air at all times. Oxygen therapy may be recommended for short term, or long term use. Always get a complete understanding from the doctor about the needs of the senior, and make sure that they fully understand as well. This medical device can be a lifestyle change for the senior that will greatly improve their health. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a progressive disease that will worsen over a period of time.