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Flea and Tick Protection for Healthy Pets

We all know that dogs make great pets for many people. They are the number one furry best friend that animal for people choosing a family pet. As pet owners we do a lot of things for our dogs. We buy them expensive food, pick up their poop, and let them sleep with us. However, when dogs venture outside, we often forget to protect our pooches from fleas and ticks.

Aside from general scratching, discomfort, and annoyance, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) claim that fleas and ticks spread several disease, including lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and anaplasmosis, which are bad for pets and their human owners. Plus, fleas multiply fairly quickly, overrunning homes within a short amount of time. Controlling fleas and ticks in our homes is extremely important for the protection of our pets and our loved ones. If you find a flea or tick on your pet:

1. Talk to a veterinary professional
The Mypet website recommends speaking to a veterinarian to determine the best type of flea medication to use. Flea protection can last from 1 to 4 months. As pet owners, we have different options that we can use to get rid of fleas. Collars, flea baths, sprays or dips are the primary types of flea control methods available on the market. There are even chewable medications that can be taken by your dog that will get rid of fleas. Many medical experts claim that consumable dog medications are the most effective. Dogs that take flea tick medication will be able to prevent fleas and keep them away for a longer time. Simparica flea tick control is available for this purpose.

2. Natural flea remedies
There are some natural flea remedies that we can also use for our pets. These type of remedies are best suited for any pet owner that does not like insecticide based flea control methods. Natural flea remedies include herbs, baking soda and dish soap. They can be applied in solution form or as a powder. While natural remedies might not be as effective as medical based remedies they still are practical for use. Simparica flea tick control might be more effective than a home flea solution. Ultimately, all of us pet owners should make sure we are using some type of flea control to make life better for them and all us pet owners.