Effective Products for Teeth Whitening

Many of us want a picture-perfect smile. Having a set of pearly white teeth can help boost our sense of confidence. For others, it may be a means to boost career. Whatever the reason, a nice bright smile says a lot about our hygiene and oral health. There are many natural and affordable ways to achieve the best appearance of our teeth. When looking for any teeth whitening product, the most important thing to consider is the ingredients. Our bodies, including our teeth, respond the best when introduced to natural ingredients. Many natural teeth whitening products contain certain level pH levels that are best suited for our teeth and won’t erode the enamel. Therefore, it’s important to always check the ingredients and look for key items such as fluoride, or certain sulfates.

Here are some of the most effective teeth whitening products on the market:

1. Whitening toothpaste
Whitening toothpaste is designed specifically to safely interact with the teeth while breaking apart tough stains. The chemical composition of a whitening toothpaste allows the toothpaste to fit in between different sized bacterial molecules. This safely detaches the bacterial molecules from the teeth, which makes it easier to rinse away smaller patches of bacteria. Another common ingredient in this type of toothpaste is the chemical “Blue Covarine”. This ingredient attaches itself to the surface of teeth to make teeth appear whiter. As a result, many such kinds of toothpaste have quick results. Part of the effect comes from how light reflects off the teeth after the Blue Covarine attaches to the teeth. It is important to consider the brand of toothpaste. Some brands offer whitening toothpaste with a higher than the recommended composition of certain ingredients, which can harm the teeth and gums. It’s important to go with a reputable brand because the product will contain a balanced composition of all the necessary ingredients.

2. Teeth whitening strips
Whitening strips will also help to achieve a brighter, glowing smile. Most whitening strips contain a safe amount of peroxide, which acts as a bleaching agent. The peroxide penetrates through the enamel of the teeth and breaks down any staining molecules. Other whitening strips use a gel that contains a mix of certain compounds and synthetic enzymes that eat away at bacteria. The effects can be seen in about a week or so.

3. Charcoal toothpaste
It may not sound so appetizing, but charcoal toothpaste has gained a lot of recognition as a natural teeth cleaner. Activated charcoal can absorb toxic materials when exposed to a stimulus, such as air, or water. The bacteria that is absorbed by the charcoal can strengthen teeth, making them appear healthier. Charcoal toothpaste is not only good for whitening test. Due to its absorptivity, charcoal can also help to relieve certain ailments. The amount of toothpaste that is used should be about a pea-sized. Other properties that make charcoal toothpaste so versatile are that it is antifungal, antiviral, and has breath freshening properties. It is a good investment because it will keep us from having to visit the dentist for treating a cavity.