More Freedom of Movement with Support Aids For Seniors

Older adults are prone to getting a little slower with age. As we start to enter into those golden years, many changes often take place with our health and wellness. We develop chronic illnesses that cause us to lose some, or all, of our mobility, or we get to a point where we need walking aids to assist us. Sometimes, a condition called vertigo will will make the need for walking aids imperative. The imbalance caused by this disorder will result in falls which could lead to broken bones, or joint problems. Being safe, and having a walking aid can potentially save our life.

The following reasons may be given for using a walking, or assistive aid for mobility:

1. Walking canes offer stability
Oftentimes, the mention of a walking aid will seem as though we are losing our freedom. Being more sensitive in our older age, we sometimes get vain about how it will look. The use of walking canes can be quite stylish. They will provide security when walking alone, and actually, more steps can be made with the device. It will help eliminate the worry of falling, and sitting and standing comfortably. Canes are used by people of all ages, not just seniors. Many elderly adults may need to use chair lifts to help with standing up from a seated position. This particular aid is becoming more popular in homes now a days since falls from trying to stand are also a common occurrence.

2. Medic alert in case of slips or falls
Older adults who have problems with slips and falls may need to take advantage of investing in one of the many medical alert systems. This alerts emergency personnel when a fall, or other dangerous situation happens. We as older adults can not afford to be careless when it comes to protecting our mobility. Accidents happen to elderly people every second of the day somewhere. Having a little extra protection is always beneficial.

3. Safety for older individuals living alone
Falls are a major cause of disability among senior citizens. Broken bones that will not heal properly, and misplaced joints will result in many elderly adults losing their capability to move. Walking aids will help greatly when the injury is not too severe. Some injuries will leave the senior needing chair lifts. This may also increase the need for medical alert systems to avoid increasing the possibility of a fall going undetected for hours because we are not able to reach a phone.

Think safety first when the time comes to make a decision whether or not to use a walking aid. Medical professionals will insist on using assistive walking aids to help maintain independence, and the ability to take care of ourselves. An old adage says that it is better safe than sorry. For us as older adults, nothing could be closer to the truth. We must constantly be aware of any potential dangers in our pathway. We need to also make sure that our homes are safeguarded against things that could cause us to slip and fall, also, if an aid is best, we should use it.

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