Treating Acne in Adults

Most people tend to believe that acne can only affect a person in their teenage years. This is, however, a myth as many adults suffer from acne from ages 25 up to age 65. Adult acne is very common among both men and women. Although statistics show that women are more likely to be affected by acne than men. One important thing to note is that the same treatment methods that are used to treat teenage acne may not work on adult acne.

The following are indicative of the major causes of acne in adults:

  • Hormone fluctuation
  • Stress
  • Use of wrong beauty products
  • Air pollution
  • Eating a lot of junk
  • Bad food choices
  • Poor hygiene

These causes are prevalent among adults, and it is therefore not surprising to find adults experiencing acne. Luckily there are various methods in which we recommend for the treatment of acne. We believe these methods are effective in reducing and eliminating acne. Our acne medications will provide you with smooth acne free skin. The following are some of our treatment methods:

1. Spot treatments
Spot treatments are effective acne treatments that can be found in gel or liquid form. One spot treatment that is commonly used is benzoyl peroxide. Many people think that benzoyl peroxide is harsh on the skin and this is false. It is beneficial in drying out acne and killing the bacteria in that area.

2. Exfoliants
Exfoliating is an effective acne treatments that are used to smooth out and even the skin. Our exfoliators are designed to get rid of dead skin on your face and make it acne free. If one has acne prone skin, they can try exfoliating masks and pads to get rid of them. Continuous exfoliation also prevents acne from ever occurring again.

3. Nose strips
Pore strips also known as nose strips are an effective acne medication that can be used to eliminate acne. It is, however, important to note that nose strips are not good for the skin and therefore should be used minimally. They can be used once in a while to get rid of blackheads on the surface of one’s nasal area.

4. Skincare routine
One of the leading causes of acne is the use of harmful beauty products and not having a skin routine at all. If one thinks that splashing some water on their face and a little bit of lotion is enough skin care, then they are wrong. We recommend having a skin care routine that exfoliates the skin, replenishes it and rejuvenates it. Skincare routine can be done weekly or daily. If it is done daily, be gentle on the skin because it can become irritated easily.

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