3 Hair Styling Products for Alpha Males

Down through the generations, men have used various products for obtaining a particular hair style. Since the advent of hair products for men, the choice to coat the hair heavily with oils, greases, and waxes were as common for men as for women. In the earlier days, it was very easy to determine if a man has used a special hair product by the shine, and the way each strand of hair was in place to stay.

These products made the hair stiff, and ensured that it would always stay in the desired style.

Some of the products were also very similar to those used by women:

1. Hair pomade

Men use different hair products based on the type of hair that they have. A Man with a crew cut may not need any product on his hair, but a man with curly hair may want to use something to relax the curls. A hair pomade is used for strong, flexible hold, and it comes in a matte or shiny finish. This product is different today because they are water based instead of oil based of years ago.

2. Hair wax

Hair wax is generally made from beeswax, so the hold is moderate to strong, and it has a matte finish. It will not stiffen the hair, nor will it get hard on it. The wax makes the hair feel smooth while adding texture and thickness to it. Wax is not water based, so it is difficult to wash out of the hair. Men with oily hair will find that wax will absorb most of the excess oil, but it will also dry out the hair after a few hours. The hair can be styled many times before the hair dries out. Men can swim with this product in their hair, and it will not be disturbed for a long period of time.

3. Hair gel

Gels are one of the more classic products for men. Gel products provide a wet look with a high shine, and it keeps the hair in place. It is one of the more common products used by the younger generation today. It is great for spiking the hair, or maintaining that well groomed, slick back look. Unlike the other hair products that hold, gels have the inability to allow for restyling after it is applied. It also leaves the hair with flakiness, and a genuine hardness, but it is easily washed out with water. This is one of the major reasons for its popularity. No extra work is necessary for clean up.

Hair products for men are not just for purchase in stores, or online, they are still used in barber shops across the country. Men can go in and get the style that they want, and the product they want.