Natural Cold and Flu Prevention and Remedies

With winter working hard to stick with us, it’s no question why people are still getting sick. Cold and flu remedies, runny nose medications, and sinus treatments are common talk these days.
Not to mention, one day it’s warm and the next day it’s freezing. That’s not any good for the human body no matter who you are. Unless you’re invincible, you’re bound to catch a cold or flu at some point. Colds and flu are making the rounds this winter season, particularly in urban communities. While we may not be able to fully prevent catching a cold or flu, there are things we can do to minimize risk and overcome symptoms as quickly as possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the best remedies if we get a cold or flu, and the best products for flu and cold prevention all year long:

1. Aromatherapy
Mint, or menthol leaf, is used to not only soothe and open the nasal passages, but to combat sinus infections as well. For those interested in natural treatments, mint teas and breathing in mint and steam is a great solution to embrace this winter season.

2. Tea with honey
If your cold or flu has you struggling with a sore throat, you may find some relief with a warming mug of tea with honey. Honey has natural antibacterial benefits to combat common cold and flu bugs floating around during the winter months. Herbal teas, such a green tea and camomile, are loaded with nutrients and antioxidants known to boost the immune system.

3. Stay hydrated
Being dehydrated will only make you immune system fight harder to combat the symptoms of a cold or flu. Therefore, the first thing you should keep in mind when sick is hydration. Try to drink plenty of fluids to boost hydration lost via fever and mucus secretions. Stick to herbal teas, water, and electrolyte balancing beverages (i.e., sports drinks) to boost fluid stores.

4. Take steamy showers
One of your best allies to break up stubborn mucus and sinus congestion is steam. So hop into a hot shower or take a nice steamy bath to break up stubborn congestion and help the elimination process. Steam provides welcome relief when we’re feeling under the weather.

5. Vitamin C
Vitamin C is one vitamin that helps combat cold and flu symptoms by boosting the immune system. You can find natural sources of vitamin C in tea with lemon. Or try an over-the-counter vitamin C supplement to boost cold and flu fighting ability if illness is making the rounds at your home or workplace.

6. Runny nose medications
A runny nose is annoying to deal with. However, don’t go to work and pass around your illness to others if you’re not feeling well. Instead, get rest, plenty of fluids, and try one of these popular over-the-counter solutions for speeding healing for a runny nose and stubborn congestion:

  • Dayquil: This common daytime cold remedy won’t make you drowsy. In cases such as colds, flus, and runny noses it has proven to combat symptoms and help promote quality sleep.
  • Mucinex: Offering temporary congestion relief, Mucinex, also known as glyceryl guaiacolate, sells over-the-counter and works to break up stubborn phlegm from the airways and help reduce other symptoms of acute respiratory tract infection.
  • Nyquil Cold & Flu: This oral medication helps dry up the nasal passages and rids the airways of mucus as well.
  • Sinus solutions: These typically come in spray or mist form and are sold in names like nasal decongestant sprays, saline mists, and mucus thinners, which break up stubborn mucus and open up the airways.